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On June 3rd, we visited the Higgins Land Primary and Junior High School which has 200 students ages 6 - 12. The 60 students, ages 3-5  from the Higgins Land Early Childhood Learning School also joined us as well. One of our no-profit partners Christian Family Adoption Aid (CFAA) also joined us at the school. We provided the students with snacks, school supplies and hygiene kits. Our team visited the classrooms and had great interactive conversation with the students. We met with the Principal, Vice-Principal, Chairman of the Board, Co-Chair and the local Pastor to discuss future projects to be completed at the school. This includes re-purposing existing space into a proper library and computer resource center in October. This project is being sponsored by Hilton Worldwide during their Global Month of Service.


On June 4th, our mission team spent a day with the residents of the Higgins Land Community. One of our non-profit partners Christian Family Adoption Aid (CFAA) also joined us. We met at the Higgins Land New Testament Church where we worshiped together, provided residents  with a cooked meal, distributed clothing, food, hygienic supplies and toys to the kids. Our missions team was given tokens of appreciation from the Higgins Land New Testament Church Benevolent Fund.


a day with residents in the higgins land community

visit to robin's nest orphange & salter's hill all age school

We are so grateful for all the donations from individuals, organizations and businesses such as Tucker Industrial Solutions, Imelda Marcos Shoe Closet, Legendary Gives/Legendary Awards, RiverHills Church of God, Salon Baptiste & CoolStylz.

On June 9th, we visited Westwood High School. This is an all girls high school located in Trelawny. We met with the Principal Ms. Karen Francis and Teacher Ms. Winsome Lawson to discuss the needs of the school to see how The Jamaica Project USA can assist in the future. We donated school supplies, hygienic supplies and a First Aid Kit to the school. 

On June 8th, we visited with Christian Family Adoption Aid (CFAA) at the Robins Nest Orphanage just outside Montego Bay. This orphange is home to 35 kids. We toured the orphange with their Director Elizabeth and donated reading books, toys, hygienic supplies & a First Aid Kit.  We also joined CFAA in visiting the Salters Hill All Age School where we interacted with the 40 students. CFAA discussed with the Principal the needs of the school and the students so they can work towards fulfilling those needs in the future.