visit to HIGGINS LAND church & community  

We interacted with residents as we walked through the community to Gregory Park Primary where we sponsored their annual Spelling Bee Competition, interacted with students and distributed snacks. We donated soccer balls received from the Dekalb Convention & Visitors Bureau to both Yutes4Change Foundation and Gregory Park Primary.

We spent Day Four with the residents of the Higgins Land Community. We met at the Higgins Land New Testament Church where we worshiped together, provided residents  with a cooked meal, distributed clothing, food, hygienic supplies and toys to the kids. Our missions team was given tokens of appreciation from the Higgins Land New Testament Church Benevolent Fund.

On Day One we visited the Yutes4Change Community & Homework Center. With sponsorship from Tucker Industrial Solutions we were able to provide the community center with furniture (3 folding tables and 18 chairs) and 3 desk top computers. We also provided food supplies for their daily breakfast program, school supplies and hygiene kits.

Our 2017 mission trip to Jamaica was on June 13 - 19th. We positively impacted four (4) schools, one (1) community and one (1) foundation. We received some awesome donations that made our mission very successful! Thank you to the many individuals and organizations that have supported us! 

visited the shut-ins 


On Day Two we worshiped with community residents at the Tree of Life Ministry. We provided the church with 40 folding chairs and two folding tables sponsored by Tucker Industrial Solutions. We then distributed clothing, food, toy, snacks and soccer balls donated by the Dekalb Convention & Visitors Bureau.

VISIT TO YUTES4CHANGE FOUNDATION  & gregory park primary school

On Day Three we also visited 6 shut-ins in the Higgins Land Community. We spent time with them, prayed for them and delivered food, toiletries and a hot meal. This was our first year fulfilling this initiative and we are so happy that we did as two weeks later, 2 of these individuals passed away. The families were very grateful that we were able to visit with them before their passing.



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visit to tree of life church & community

On Day Three we visited with the principal, 3 staff members, the Chairman of the board and the 48 students of this school. We painted the exterior of the school, spent time with the staff and students and distributed office and school supplies, snacks and toiletries. The interior of the school is also badly in need of painting so our goal is to make this happen during the summer break so these students can return to a cleaner environment. The school is also overcrowded so badly in need to expansion. We also donated the school's first computer and printer sponsored by Tucker Industrial Solutions.