Our 2019 mission trip to Jamaica was on June 17 - 24th. We positively impacted four rural schools, two rural communities, awarded 40 educational sponsorships under our Just One Education Initiative, hosted our second We Care Service Appreciation Luncheon and partnered with Saint Ann's Missions to provide medical care for over 1,800 residents. We had some awesome donations from our non-profit partners and numerous individuals in the USA. Special thank you to Caring For Others, Dress for Success Atlanta & CompMunity Foundation. 

DAY ONE: We visited Westwood High School in Stewart Town, Trelawny. This is an all girls institution with approx 1,000 girls. We executed an extensive painting project, donated school supplies, clothing, hygiene kits to students and office supplies to the staff.  The medical team (general medicine, dentist, opromotrist & pediatritian) was based at the Duanvale New Testament Church, also located in Trelawny. They provided medical care to community residents including the students at the Dunavale basic school and primary school.

DAY TWO & THREE: We visited the Higgins Land Primary & Junior High School and the Higgins Land Early Childhood Institution located in St. Ann. Both schools combined have approx 240 students. We executed an extensive painting project at both schools,  donated food to the school pantry, distributed school supplies, office supplies, hygiene kits and snacks to the students and teachers.  We also awarded educational sponsorship to 14 students. The medical team was based at the Higgins Land New Testament church both days and provided medical care to community residents and the students at both schools.

DAY FOUR: We visited the Stewart Town Basic School and executed an extensive painting and repair project. This school has approx 18 students. We provided food for the school pantry and donated school and office supplies. Our medical team was based at the Duanvale New Testament Church and continued to provide medical care to the residents in the Duanvale and other surrounding communities.

DAY FIVE: We hosted our second We Care Service Appreciation Luncheon at the on Rose Hall, Montego Bay for 25 pastors and their wives from various churches in Jamaica. We surprised them with giveaways and engaged them in conversation about the important role they play in our communities and in the development of the next generation. Included in our distribution was 10 Qualities That Move you From a Believer To a Disciple written by Pastor Dennis Rouse from Victory World Church.




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