The cost to sponsor a Tier One student (8 to 10 years old) is $200.00 USD for the school year.

Our Just One education initiative is based on the premise that if we could help “Just One” child in Jamaica earn a proper education then we would have made a difference. This initiative will be launched in Jamaica in June 2018 during our missions trip.

Our goal is to secure educational sponsorship from individuals and corporations for students between the ages of 8 – 10 years old who have the potential to become a top performer but their educational growth is hampered by severe financial hardship.  Our long term goal is to grow this program to include full or partial scholarships at the High School and college levels.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to join us on our annual missions trip and meet with the student/s they have sponsored. They will also receive quarterly updates and correspondences from the students and a copy of the end of semester report card.

just one education initiative 

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In September 2017, we had a soft launch of our Just One education initiative. We provided thirteen (13) students from the New Hope Primary and Junior High School in Westmoreland, Jamaica with school supplies for the semester and hygiene kits. Our Just One program facilitator and local Jamaican volunteer Marsha Virgo presented the students and their parents with the supplies. These are thirteen (13) of the twenty-two (22) students who will be part of the official Just One education initiative launch in January 2018.