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On June 3, 2016, we visited the Higgins Land Primary and Junior High School which has 200 students ages 6 - 12. The 60 students, ages 3-5  from the Higgins Land Early Childhood Learning School also joined us as well. We provided the students with snacks, school supplies and hygiene kits. Our team visited the classrooms and had great interactive conversation with the students.

We met with the Principal, Vice-Principal, Chairman of the Board, Co-Chair and the local Pastor to discuss future projects to be completed at the school. This includes re-purposing existing space into a proper library and computer resource center in October. This project was sponsored by Hilton Worldwide during their Global Month of Service. This sponsorship launched our first Pick-A-Project initiative.

During our annual missions trip to Jamaica, we will be identifying various projects that need to be completed that will make a positive impact in the community, particularly the younger generation. We will then seek sponsorships to complete those projects. This may be in the form of monetary donations, goods or skilled labor.

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We receive numerous requests for assistance from various rural communities and schools in Jamaica. Each year we select a few projects that would benefit the overall school or community and seek sponsorship to complete them. We invite you to visit our Pick-A-Project page where you can select specific projects you would like to assist with by providing resources and/or volunteering your professional skills to make a difference in the lives of others.