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Our Initiatives

We receive numerous requests for assistance from various rural communities and schools in Jamaica, lower income families in Georgia, and other organizations and churches who service countries such as Liberia, Nigeria and the Bahamas.


We fulfill these needs by providing resources for shipment and through community and school distributions, improvement projects and transformational initiatives such as our Just One Education Initiative and  our We Care Service Appreciation Initiative.

Our Mission

Community Distributions

Throughout the year, we provide critical resources such as clothing, food, hygienic items and school supplies to residents in Jamaica and lower income families in Georgia. Our goal is to share the love of Jesus letting others know he hasn't forgotten them. He sees their situation, he cares and his promises in Jeremiah 29:11 are still true.

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Improvement Projects

Each year we select a few projects that would benefit the overall school or community and seek sponsorship to complete them.

Since 2016 we have completed 1 church and 7 school improvement projects which include extensive painting, minor repairs essentially for functionality and repurposing existing space for proper library and computer labs.

Our current focus is on our biggest project to date which is the construction of our first rural community resource and development center in the community of Higgins Land in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica.


Just One Education Initiative

This initiative is based on the premise that if we could help “Just One” child in Jamaica earn a proper education then we would have made a difference. This initiative will be launched in Jamaica in June 2018 during our missions trip.

Our goal is to secure educational sponsorship from individuals and corporations for students between the ages of 8 – 10 years old who have the potential to become a top performer but their educational growth is hampered by severe financial hardship.  Our long term goal is to grow this program to include full or partial scholarships at the High School and college levels.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to join us on our annual missions trip and meet with the student/s they have sponsored. They will also receive quarterly updates and correspondences from the students and a copy of the end of semester report card.


We Care Service
Appreciation Initiative

This initiative was officially launched in Jamaica in June 2018 during our annual mission trip. Our goal is to honor public service industry professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty, whose work has a tremendous impact on society and who receive minimal financial compensation for their services.

We partner with companies, organizations and individuals to sponsor an appreciation event with resources for at least fifty (50) service industry employees from a specific sector.

Thank You for Your Support

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